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Business Strategy


Circuitech engraves "Integrity" into the cornerstones of the foundation of its business practices. It is the basis of our management mindset and how we approach the challenges of day-to-day operations. Our methodological decision-making process complements our swift and effective execution in our effort to meet the customer's trust in the face of increasingly strong competition. Everything we do is for the people we care for, and to improve the future for all.


The Circuitech team understands that the improvement of process, equipment, technology and operational systems is a constant development. We offer a uniquely high level of effort, flexibility and technical expertise to our customers through high quality value-added processes and needs-tailored products.


We recognize that customer satisfaction is a dynamic process, and not sustainable without continual re-evaluation to ensure effectiveness and precision. We are pledged to maintain our technical edge and improve whatever we can throughout the life of the company. We are always seeking opportunities to acquire better tools and techniques to maximize our quality systems and technologies, as well as more efficiently deliver upon customer demands.


Through in-depth customer cooperation and comprehensive market research, we take a systematic approach to our marketing and sales channels. Long-term cooperation with our clients will better ensure stable and high-quality on-time delivery, as well as reasonable pricing policies. Our goal is to always maintain trust with our customers worldwide.

Our Corporate Mission

To help our customers achieve success by producing products of quality and functional integrity, on-time delivery of needed products, and assisting with solvency of manufacturing and cost-saving issues.

Our Vision

As the world's best PCB manufacturing supplier, create all-win situations for our customers, employees, investors and environment.