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Circuitech Precision Electronics, Inc. was established in 1991 at Chung-Li Industrial Park, Taiwan. The Chung-Li area in Taoyuan, Taiwan is known as a world-class concentration of PCB manufacturers, with state of the material and equipment development complemented by expert technical and supporting resources.

As specialists in Multi-Layer Rigid PCB, Circuitech Precision Electronics has developed a twenty-year reputation for quality product performance and stability, expert comprehension of market trends and strong integrity in our business practices. The satisfaction of our customers across the world is of paramount importance to us.

As the changes and developments of the electronic components manufacturing business are swift and fundamental, the need for total-value service has evolved as well, driving demands for greater efficiency and execution. As such, Circuitech has extended its investments to China in 2002 and 2004. We’ve established facilities in Kunshan City in Jiangsu. With these expansions, we are better positioned for better, faster and cheaper output and increased flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.

Today, Circuitech Group has reached a total output capacity of up to 1,350,000 square feet per month, and continues to update our equipment and technical facilities in order to meet our responsibilities to our investors, customers, employees and society at large.