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Quality and HSF Policy

Circuitech Group established this policy of Quality assurance and Hazardous substance control systems into manufacturing process. It is considering both customer expectation and company business plan implementation with our enviroment protection system philosophy.

  • Obey the national environmental protection, occupational safety & hygiene laws and regulations, as well as the International environmental protection concepts, occupational safety & hygiene and its related tasks.
  • Listen attentively to voice of the customers, neighbors, and individual who is related to our operation. satisfy customer’s need, respect individual comments, create agreeable , harmonical and better envroment for all.
  • Continuing improvement efforts in all manufacturing activities for the customer. Decreasing the environmental pollution and waste in producing printed circuit board; strive and pursue to becoming a green environmental protection enterprise. The implementation is planned and targets set with National standard first.
  • Encourage the creative involvement of every employee, to have a pollution prevention and resource management implementation become part of living value of all company members.
  • Our compliance with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct set of international companies (EICC) material .

Circuitech Group Quality and HSP System Certification

Chung-Li, Taiwan

Kunshan, China